Monday, 11 November 2013


These photos are taken on my back veranda within the past few weeks. I love being home at that time to capture the photo and if I am not home and its a beautiful sunset and I don't have my camera I just look and enjoy it. This actually happened on Friday where the sun was amazing so I had to use my iphone camera. Love the different sunsets we get from our backyard. 

Cool cloud in the sky. 

Taken around 6pm after a storm.

Over the weekend I had to go work with our ballkids at two venues for tennis tournaments, first photo from Friday night and the second on Sunday afternoon. 

This photo would have turned out so much better if I had my good camera to capture it. 
Orange sun taken on my iPhone, forgot my camera :( 

We were stuck in traffic on the way home so I got the camera out as we weren't moving. 
Coming home from Sunshine coast 

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