Thursday, 21 November 2013

Homemade Christmas decorations

I have decided to be creative this Christmas and started making some homemade decorations. I like to be environmentally friendly in any way I can so that includes recycling. You are probably thinking what is she going to make? Well…I collected our toilets rolls that have been used them to make flower decorations. I had made these a couple months ago but only with 5 petals.

Originally I was cutting the rolls in the sizes I need first, then paint them individually.

But I found it easier to paint the whole roll first and then cut them up after. Of course I painted them Christmas colours red and green. 

Add some glitter the edges of one side of each piece, I used gold / silver on mine.

Then arrange 6 pieces into a petal design like below.  Glue them together where they all meet in the middle. To make it easier I pinched the tips of each piece to make one end flatter so they could all meet together, making sure there was no big gap in the middle. 

Finished product. 

 You can put them anywhere, you can hang them, put them on the tree or on the table on Christmas day.

It's getting a bit hot lately and I decided to make these orange juice ice blocks with christmas twist using food colouring.

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