Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mt Coo-tha

Mt Coo-tha lookout view

Last week my friend and I wanted to get some exercise and have a break from our boring Uni study week. We decided to walk/hike up Mount Coo-tha and visit the lookout. At the top is a great view of the Brisbane city skyline.

Me being the keen photographer I am, I took my camera and tried to get some shots. I am not good at it yet, so I use it as practice. I’ll take my camera almost anywhere for practicing. I got my friend to take a few photos of me with the city skyline in the background and some whilst I jumped for a midair action shot. I seem to do that where ever I visit. I think I might make that my thing when I travel to popular places or just anywhere. 

There were some massive trees where we finished which was where we started and I thought they might make a good photo. It was quite a hot day that day. Loving the spring weather here. Bring on Summer! 

City skyline.

Massive Trees. 

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